2 of the Biggest Problems with the Pixel (& Their Solutions!)

Google promises the Pixel 3 is an improvement on the previous two series — with faster processing powers, sharper displays, and better photographs. And while this is true, the opposite is true, too. As a brand new phone, the Pixel 3 suffers the same fate as any green handset fresh to the market. Small bugs and user errors are par for the course with any new flagship as the first wave of users explore the phone. 

Being one of the first people to buy the Pixel 3 means you’re stuck dealing with these annoying issues while Google scrambles to correct them. Luckily, the majority of issues involve small software problems, most of which are awaiting a quick fix. Let’s deep dive into two of the biggest problems and see what their solutions may be. 

Problem: Messages go missing

Whether proving a point in an argument or simply being a little snotty, we pull up an old conversation to show a text sent from a friend. We’ve all been there, using these messages to remind ourselves we’re in the right, show how wrong the other person is, or simply make fun of someone for whatever inane message they sent. It isn’t always mature, but it’s the truth.

Only — it’s been harder to do that with a Pixel 3 or 3 XL in your back pocket. SMS messages in some of these devices have gone missing. And in some cases, whole conversations have disappeared.

Solution: Roll back to an older version of the app

The case of the disappearing text only started after some users accepted the November Security Update that came with an update to the messaging app as well. You may be able to find a temporary solution by reverting to an older version of your texting app. You can do this by tapping Settings > Apps & Notifications > Messages. At the top-right of the app info page, you’ll see an opportunity to uninstall updates. 

For a permanent solution, you’ll just have to wait. While this issue is annoying for anyone who likes saving threads, there isn’t anything else you can do. This is a problem better left for the people back at Google HQ. They promise they’re on it with the hope to issue a fix soon.

In the meantime, try rolling back your app’s version. Alternatively, you can download a third-party messaging app as a replacement as you await Google’s official patch. 

Problem: Few Opportunities to Customize

People know Google phones for the massive processing powers, stellar displays, and amazing picture quality. They don’t know them as devices that are easily personalized. 

With a pre-set UI that’s largely unchangeable, the Pixel 3 isn’t made for those users who want to change everything about the look and feel of their phone’s software. There are some settings you can tweak to your liking, but by and large, you’re stuck with the same Pixel experience as every other user. 

Solution: Focus on what you can change

When there are few opportunities for personalization, you have to take advantage of what’s available to you. While sweeping changes to the UI is off the table, you can make adjustments within the settings to make sure your Pixel is operating to your liking. 

Digital Trends has a collection of 10 settings and features you should enable on your Pixel 3. Not to be outdone, CNET has a list of 15. It also won’t hurt to explore Android Pie, Google’s latest OS. You can make the most out of its new features in a way that customizes your Pixel 3. 

With so few chances to personalize your UI, customizing your hardware is a given. Once you have the inside personalized to your liking, it’s time to turn to the outside. While the Pixel 3-series offers a creative alternative to the usual black and white color scheme, its addition of pink isn’t for everyone. 

For people who want more choices, a company like dbrand offers a greater catalogue of Pixel wraps. Also known as Pixel skins, these vinyl decals wrap around the device without gluey adhesives — keeping your precious handset safe from residue. When you know where to get the coolest Google Pixel skins, you can add trendy designs like black or white marble to your phone. But there are more options than that — including black matrix, mahogany, leather, and carbon fiber Pixel skins.

No phone is perfect right out of the gate, so it’s not surprising the Pixel 3 has encountered a few bugs since its release. The good news is the majority of these issues are easily fixed. While some will need a patch issued for Google, others — like your messaging and customization — can be fixed on your own. With the right Google Pixel wrap, settings, and third-party messaging app, you have the remedy for the biggest issues affecting the latest Pixel 3.