5 Top Movies Every Gamer Needs To Watch

Whether you spend your free time geeking out over the newest video game or you find yourself more of a movie buff wanting to stay in and watch the next big flick, this next topic is for you. These video game to movie conversions are for the true gamer or movie lover in you. Check out the best 5 video games that have been transformed into hit blockbusters.

Assassin’s Creed

The Assassin’s Creed movie isn’t just geared towards gamers – it’s one of the few video game movies that almost anyone can get into without having played the game first. The movie takes you a step further than the video game ever did, with new storylines and plot twists throughout the entire thing. Even history buffs can get into this one – it is set in 15th century Spain during the Spanish Inquisition. With big stars like Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, this movie does not disappoint.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds Movie is one of the most refreshing video game movies to date. Most of the movie franchises originating from games focus on warlike scenarios or science fiction and are only meant for adults’ eyes, but Angry Birds calls out to the kid in you. Even though it’s technically meant for children, people of all ages can enjoy the witty humor throughout the film. Some may have feared that with a game featuring essentially no plot or storyline whatsoever, the movie would fall flat. But with an interesting and amusing plot following the lives of these angry birdies, the movie exceeds many expectations.


Adapted from the oh so popular World of Warcraft game, this movie has been quoted to be the best game to movie adaptation of ALL TIME. It stays true to the game’s original plot, following interactions between humans and orcs and featuring many of the same locations and landscapes portrayed in the game. With its high budget and impressive cast, Warcraft is worth watching.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Although nearly twenty years old now, Final Fantasy makes this list due to its innovation and also for being so ahead of its time. This film was the first photo-realistic computer animated film and set the overall precedent for films falling within this genre. The movie plot stays true to the original storyline of the game, following two scientists in their quest to rid the post-apocalyptic world of a deadly alien race that has taken over. It is still considered the most expensive video game movie ever, and features stars such as Alec Baldwin and Donald Sutherland.

Resident Evil

Another video game turned movie that is over fifteen years old, Resident Evil is loosely based on the survival horror video game series. The first film in the Resident Evil series follows a heroic woman and her band of commandos as they fight to contain a dangerous viral outbreak, ultimately saving the world. The rest of the Resident Evil films start falling a bit flat and become overdone, so be sure to watch the original film first and foremost. Even though this film is just a loose depiction of the video game, it’s still worth watching (especially if popcorn is involved).