Digital marketing and search engine optimization experts believe in the power of the blog

Digital marketing and search engine optimization experts are well aware of how much a new business relies on a blog to spread the word about their company and products. There is no real right or wrong with blogging, all sorts of different stories or articles can be entertaining, engaging or informative. There is no right or wrong way to write them, although you do want them to be grammatically correct.

These however are a simple guide to getting it right.

Know your audience and use them to guide your content. Ask questions about the issues that they have relating to your business or service, ask them what would make it easier for them to choose a company and what attracts them to a business. You can then produce articles that will answer their questions which will make their confidence and trust in you grow.

This will require you to know who your audience and target market are. This will involve research and another way to do it, is to engage your audience with a quote on Twitter or Facebook. If you get a good response to this then you know that you are conversing on something that is appreciated by your target audience. You can then use this as the basis of your content. You can repeat the process and as this builds up you will definitely get a feel for what your target audience need from you in order to gain their support.

A tried and tested method is to write for yourself. Write an article that engages and interests you. Write it as a piece of prose that you are happy with. Focus on your thoughts and ideas relating to the product or service in question. Then when you publish you are publishing for you and as people love interaction with other people this can make your work very engaging and real, this brings trust which can in turn lead to brand loyalty.

Don’t forget to keep a note of any relevant email lists as you go.  At the same time as this you should be interacting with your existing readers, do not let them become the ignored customer as you try to make new friends. Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold! The whole point of a blog is that it is like an article that you can relate to, that you can interact with therefore the worst thing you can do is to ignore a regular and loyal customer, one who will willingly defend your company and tell others how great you are.

A great tip and one we all love is give stuff away, we all love freebies, whether this be a competition for a free pen or a couple of free products just engage and interact with people, get them to spread the word about your company with a reward and incentive to do so.

Remember to be consistent, adopt a brand persona and stick to it. Don’t confuse people with changing attitudes or beliefs.