Educational Apps For Your Child That Every Nerdy Parent Will Love

No matter how much you might try to avoid it, sometimes the easiest thing to do as a parent is plop your kids down in front of a TV or tablet and let them go to town. You might feel bad about doing this, even feel guilty as a parent, but sometimes it is the only thing to do to calm your children down and get some quiet time for yourself. Sure, if you’re letting your 3-year-old watch MTV or search the web with no parental guidance whatsoever, maybe you’re not doing great as a parent. But there are options out there that will actually make screen time a learning experience. When you download these apps for your children, you’re making the whole tablet experience educational. So bring out your inner nerd as a parent and check out these six educational apps for your children.

The Magic School Bus: Oceans by Scholastic

Depending on how old you are, maybe you remember watching The Magic School Bus throughout your childhood. Remember how the kooky Ms. Frizzle and her classful of students embarked on a new learning adventure every episode? Well now your child can experience this as well when you download the app. Mostly based on aquatic adventures and science facts, this app is a great way to get your child interested in marine life and science in general, especially for kids between the ages of five and eight.

Winky Think Logic Puzzles

Winky Think Logic Puzzles is great for helping your child to develop basic logic learning skills and solve complex puzzles. This app ranges in complexity, from very simple matching games to more challenging obstacles, so children of almost all ages can have fun with Winky Think.

Dexteria Dots 2

This app is specifically designed to help school-aged children with basic math skills, and also improve fine motor skills. It is best for kids between the ages of six and nine, who are in the early stages of learning mathematics, and need that extra push to make learning math more exciting.

Plants by Tinybop

The Plants app is perfect to download if you are wanting to get your child more interested in wildlife and the outdoors. It will help to open the doors to a whole new world, and hopefully push your child into wanting to spend more time outside surrounded by nature. This app allows its users to explore all sorts of wildlife, including forests, grasslands, mountains, and deserts.

Stack the States

This app will help your child with basic geography skills and start learning the fifty states of America. Stack the States not only teaches children the states’ names, but also gives the location, capitals, and abbreviations. So if geography is what you would like your child to be learning, or if he or she is having trouble learning the U.S. states in the classroom, download Stack the States.

Fish School HD

Geared to younger children between the ages of two and five, Fish School HD is a great tool for learning letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. And the best part, it is set in the sea so it will open your child’s curiosity to the marine world.