How to Pick the Right 4G Signal Booster for Your Home

In today’s technologically advanced society, it is recommended that your device should have at least 4G signals. It is recommended but it is not necessary. Some people ask what the difference between a 3G and a 4G is. The only major difference is that 4G makes everything faster compared to 3G. Whether one wants to make a video call, download a large file, or play online games, 4G signals will help connect to the internet faster than 3G. Of course, newer technology is coming up every day, and soon it will be slower in comparison to the new one technology. A person may require buying a 4G booster if something is obstructing their devices from accessing signals. The obstacles could range from buildings, trees, to hills; all of which obstruct the line of sight to the cell tower. How then can one choose the right 4G signal booster?


When one considers where they live, they can determine the best booster that suits their needs. But to be safe, it is better to pick the omnidirectional booster because it can detect signals from all corners and pick the strongest signal to amplify. The location can help determine the strength of the booster because, while one may need a signal booster in an urban area, a person in the rural area may require a stronger booster. In rural areas, an omnidirectional antenna would work best. This is because cell towers are further apart in sparsely populated areas as compared to cities.

Coverage area

One may also want to consider the size of their home. If one has a larger home or it’s for an office building, a stronger booster may be required for the whole area to be covered. A booster that can be used for a home is different from one that might be used for a multi-story building. Consider the number of people that would be using the booster. A home may require a weaker antenna compared to a multi-story office building.

Cable Length

For signal boosters, the shorter the cable, the better the signal quality. This can be explained in terms of data loss when the cable is long and of poor quality. The longer a signal has to travel before reaching their destination, the more likely it is to weaken. Therefore, consider buying the shortest possible high-quality cable within the budget. There are wireless options in the market called cradle boosters although they are single user boosters. A person’s choice is determined by the amount of money they are willing to part with. 

4G LTE boosters are a life saver especially if a person needs fast and reliable signals. Therefore, when one notices a decline in their signal, there is a simple fix for that. There is a wide range of good quality 4G signal boosters in the market that perform well and are affordable. 4G LTE signal boosters can also cover a wide area depending on the strength of the booster.