Jason Boreyko Provides Network Marketing Tips for Health Products

Network marketing – MLM – continues to be a popular way for people to earn a residual income. However, it is now so popular that competition has become increasingly fierce. This is particularly true for those who want to start an MLM venture in the health industry, advertising supplements and other such products. However, according to experienced marketer Jason Boreyko, it is still possible to get into this incredibly tight industry.

Jason Boreyko on the Health Industry

Health and wellness products are incredibly popular. People share the opinion that a happy life is a healthy life and they will do a lot towards actually achieving that. Hence, they are drawn in by ads that make claims such as weight loss support, immune support, and more, and they even share their experiences with others. The truth is that the supplement industry is now so big that the products have to be of good quality and they have to be effective if people are still to take note of them, which has significantly increased consumer confidence. However, that does not automatically mean that a health and wellness MLM will be successful.

Jason Boreyko on Making a Health and Wellness MLM a Success

  1. You must educate your customers. This doesn’t mean bombarding them with information on your ingredient list, but rather telling them things that matter even if they don’t buy your particular product. Your education should not be product specific, in other words. Rather, you have to show your prospective customers that you are an authority on the problem that your supplement aims to resolve. That builds trust, and trust brings in customers.
  2. You should read the latest fashion and lifestyle magazines. You can find these in any grocery store or service station. The ones that you see most prominently are the ones that have the best copywriting skills. Take a look at their headlines and use that for inspiration about how to educate about a certain problem and how your products can help resolve that. When you use those major headlines, you already know it will grab people’s attention because that has already been done for you. In essence, you will be riding the wave of highly paid journalists.
  3. You should ask your friends to purchase your product. Most MLM startups ask their family and friend to buy into the business and start for themselves. MLM isn’t for everybody. In fact, it is not the right fit for the vast majority of people. Hence, you will find that your family is reluctant to buy into your business model and, if they do, they won’t put their everything in it. But family and friends are also more than willing to help out. Ask them to purchase your products and to leave a review about them, and they will be more than happy to oblige. That does not mean, by the way, that you have to give them the product for free. Again, family members and friends are more than happy to help and they know that means paying.
  4. Stop talking about your product on social media. This goes back to educating. Social media is hugely important, but your focus should be on providing something of value rather than going on and on about your product.