Nerdy Holidays? Top Travel Destinations For Geeks

Why spend your holidays lying on the beach when you can see inside a missile? Who would like to visit an art gallery when you could explore the lands that inspired some o the most impressive scenes from Lord of the Rings or Star Wars? If you find this sort of thinking appealing, you’ll be thrilled to know that  there are many tremendously nerdy attractions throughout the world that are the perfect holiday destination for the geek in you. Whether you’re a nerd planning your holidays or you’re simply looking for inspiration, these ideas will make your day.

Great Holiday Spots For Science Nerds


Tech and science fans will probably be fascinated with the chance of admiring one of the largest machines in the world: the Large Hadron Collider. Located in Switzerland’s CERN center it is the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. There, scientists conduct experiments that could give us insights into the composition of the universe itself. Sounds interesting? Visitors need to allow months to arrange a visit to the Collider underground, but there’s a Microcosm exhibition open any time and it is possible to visit other areas of this scientific complex with two weeks notice.

The Museum of Math

If algebra and geometry have always fascinated you, the Museum of Math in NYC is your place to go. It’s a stimulating environment where Maths fans (and not so much fans) spark their curiosity and explore all the ways in which Maths surrounds us in everyday life. Plan a visit to the museum on Friday and participate in all kinds of activities planned for all members of the family!

St. Thomas Abbey, Czech Republic

Even though an abbey is not the first place where you’d expect to take a science geek, but St Thomas Abbey, in Brno, needs to be in your travel bucket list if you call yourself a science nerd. St Thomas Abbey is where the Augustinian friar Gregor Mendel spent hours on end growing peas in his small garden trying to emphasize traits such as size and colour. As he noticed patterns, he established the principles of genetic inheritance and his findings are the bedrock of what we now know about genetics. 

Galileo Museum

Located in Florence, the Galileo Museum is an interesting additional tourist spots for science geeks spending some days in this Italian city. Devoted to Galileo Galilei, it takes visitors on a journey through all his contributions to science. You’ll also get the chance to appreciate diverse tools and instruments and telescopes used by scientists in the XVI century. 

Geek Locations for Computer and Tech Fans

The Computer History Museum

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California  is the mecca for computer geeks. There’s a great collection of computing artifacts and it’s a great place where you can learn interesting facts about the history of the giants of the industry such as Cisco, Apple, Intel, HP… you mention! 

The Akihabara District

The Akihabara District, in Japan, is not only a fascinating place for electronic lovers but also a place that is increasingly permeated by the anime and gaming cultures, turning it into a fascinating experience. Prices of gadgets may not be that affordable as you’d want them to be but it’s definitely an experience you can’t miss!

For The Movie Nerds

If you’re acquainted with the Lord of the Rings or you’re fan of the hobbits, Tongariro National Park, in New Zealand, should be at the top of your travel bucket list. It’s not only one of the best day-treks but also where Peter Jackson filmed many of the scenes of Mount Doom for his film based on the Lord of the Rings. Tongariro’s eerie rocky formations and its barren lands made it the perfect setting for dark Lord Sauron  and his crew.  Expect unpredictable weather and an impressively changing scenery from lakes to desserts. 

Those hooked by The Game of Thrones and its insanely rugged locations should head to Northern Ireland. You can visit the Giant’s Causeway, an area of about 40 thousand interlocking basalt columns as result of an ancient volcanic fissure eruption. Located in County Antrim, it’s definitely a fascinating location. Ask around for companies that organize tours around many of the natural areas where this TV series were filmed! 

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If so, Alnwick Castle in Northumberland, England will ring a bell for you. Alnwick Castle was used as the Hogwarts Castle in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” So much so that visitors can see how good they are at wizardry and broomstick flight training! 

Nerdy Holidays For Wannabe Astronauts

If you spend hours on end at night gazing at the stars, the local planetarium is your second home and you’ve seriously considered investing in a telescope, the following destinations will make your day!

NASA Kennedy Space Center

A visit to the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral  will create cherishable memories for all the family. Whether you’re there for rocket launch day or to explore the different Mission Zones and learning about the US Space history. Probably, one of the most fascinating experiences there is the chance to be an astronaut at the Astronaut Training Experience.

Only an hour drive from Orlando and its popular thematic parks, the Kennedy Space Center surprises visitors with hundreds of rockets! Its Space Visitor Center is Disneyland for Space freaks! There is a stunning collection of lunar landers, bits of moon rock, Saturn V rockets, Atlas, Thor and Titan rockets and many other fascinating things.

The Royal Observatory in London

Crossing the ocean, space nerds can have a blast (and the geeky picture of their lifetime) at the Royal Observatory in London. As you probably remember, Greenwich is where time is measured from so don’t miss the chance of taking the picture of you straddling the line that separates the two hemispheres. You’ll be able to appreciate old telescopes and different tools and instruments used by astronomers and scientists in the past to accurately measure longitude. 

The Atacama Desert

Crossing back the ocean and heading to the southern hemisphere, the Atacama Desert is probably the most ideal location for star gazing and enjoying the myriad of stars in the Milky Way. It’s a 600-mile area of dry desert in the north of Chile ad, due to its altitude you can expect clear skies and little rainfall: the best combination for watching the amazing stars. But the Atacama Desert is also worth enjoying during the day as the giant sand dunes and stones have created a landscape similar to the surface of the moon. 

Best Geeky Holidays for James Bond Fans

If you’ve read all the books by Arthur Conan Doyle or seen all the James Bond films and even remember some of the lines by heart, these two museums have to be on the top of your travel bucket list: the Spy Museum in Washington DC and 221b Baker Street in London, England. 

The Spy Museum

The Spy Museum is impressive and a great place that all the family can enjoy. For instance, there’s a spy school where children can learn better ways to sneak cookies without anoyone noticing! In the meantime, adults can enjoy the other interesting permanent and temporary exhibitions displayed.

221b Baker Street

For all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there, 221b Baker Street, in London, will definitely sound familiar. There you’ll be able to find the Sherlock Holmes Museum. There’s plenty of memorabilia for fans of Doyle’s novels. You’ll be able to find pipes, detective’s traditional hats, etc. 

Engineering Fans

The world offers attractions for all geeks and those into engineering have at least two museums to visit: the BMW Museum, in Munich, and the Boeing Factory, near Seattle.

The BMW Museum

Car fans, and especially followers of German brands, will have a blast in Munich as there are many interesting locations related to BMW cars. The headquarters of BMW is fascinating as well as the BMW Munich Plant, where visitors can see how cars are made. The BMW Museum takes car geeks to a tour through the company’s most notable historic models.

The Boeing Factory, in Everett, is simple but stunning. Surprisingly huge in dimensions and with a plain architecture, it is the home where the Boeing planes are made and assembled. It’s a fascinating excursion for all the family, especially plane fans!