Top places in the world to fly a drone 

Starting as military technology, drones have quickly become a consumer product which has transformed online video. Having the ability to shoot amazing aerial footage of some of the planet’s most beautiful places, it is an indispensable tool for the travel vlogger.

Below, we’ll mention a few spots that will get some juicy shots for your channel.

1) British Columbia, Canada

Boldly dubbed the ‘Best Place on Earth’ by its own government some years back, the Canadian province of British Columbia actually has more than enough dramatic scenery to back up this claim.

From its rugged coast, where tireless swells sweep its broad beaches clean day in and out, to soaring peaks that take up 85% of its total land mass, BC has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to compelling places to release your drone.   

Personally, the Tofino area is our favourite: here, you can do shots soaring down the length of beaches like Cox Bay and Long Beach, where surfers shred waves on a regular basis, or you can drive inland for 20 minutes and fly your unit amidst the peaks of the Coast Mountains.

If you are careful, taking it on a kayak trip to the Broken Group Islands will give you some of the best shots in this part of British Columbia, as the rocky isles combined with unreal water colour and the distant mountains on Vancouver Island will give you world-class travel footage.

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2) Western Australia

Love desert landscapes, white sand beaches, and impossibly blue waters? If so, pack up your drone and head to Western Australia. 

After driving north from Perth, already the world’s most isolated capital city, you’ll find plenty of desolate lands to represent the Outback in the Australia travel film you are shooting. Be sure to include The Pinnacles in your shooting locations, as these limestone spires stand out from the featureless desert in which they are found.

Along the coast, there are many excellent spots to scope out insanely beautiful beaches, where sharks, dolphins, and whales often breach the surface. Personally, we recommend the aptly named Shark Bay, as the world’s oldest predator can be spotted from above on occasion trolling its water in search of a fishy snack.  

3) Palawan, Philippines

Looking for an adventure mixed with some of the globe’s most epic scenery? You’ll find heaps of both on Palawan, a long, narrow island on the western periphery of the Philippines. 

From lazy beaches to karst islands which soar hundreds of feet above the ocean, the footage you get here will only help your viewers find one of the world’s most amazing isles.