Wonderful Bathroom Design Trends You May Want To Learn More About

There are so many things that change from one year to the next in terms of interior design trends. The bathroom is not going to be neglected by the designers. Every single year we are faced with new bathroom trends, having earthy elements and tones being very popular right now. The main focus is put on wood and stone elements, natural light and green plants. If you want to be trendy, Community Builders Tulsa recommends you learn more about the following trends.

White And Neutral Colors

These are nowadays incredibly popular because of the fact that they are timeless. People choose them as you will find it really tough to make a design mistake. When you feel braver you can opt for other colors though and truly have fun. The really trendy bathroom colors you want to seriously consider this year are green, blue and bluish pink. When something like this is too bold for you, you can add some color on floor tiles or walls.

Layered Lighting

When you want to change the character and mood of your bathroom, layered lighting is a really good idea. You can simply add some overhead lights but this is no longer something that is used as you want to achieve extra relaxation and a more positive ambiance. LED technology is much more popular than what many believe right now as they can easily put focus on the desired details. The big trend to learn more about is using decorative chandeliers and pendant lights. Just be sure these comply with standards.

Smart Bathrooms

As years passed, the number of homes that started using smart technology constantly increased. We are basically talking about bathrooms that include numerous sensors and hi-tech, like self-cleaning toilets, seat warmers, electronic touchscreen mirrors and hi-tech showerheads. Modern technology can easily increase bathroom functionality, which is something many homeowners want right now.

A Focus On Storage

In order to have bathrooms that are functional and practical, storage is paramount. In 2017 we saw cupboards being highly popular but now we see open shelves as being trending. We often see such storage type popular in spas. If you want to get such an effect, add the shelves to store folded towels, essential oil bottles and some beautiful potted plants. A bigger basket can also be added so you can store more personal things. Just be sure that no matter what you choose, everything is kept clean. Also, do not overcrowd the bathroom or you are not going to feel relaxed at all when using it.

Final Thoughts

As already mentioned, bathroom design trends often change. This is exactly why you want to be aware of what is really popular right now and what is not. If you feel that you are not up-to-date with all the trends that are hot, just talk with an experienced interior designer. He/she can so easily help you make a wonderful choice and can present options you had no idea about in the past, giving you access to a truly unique bathroom.