Google Introduced Responsive Search Ads and Local Campaigns.

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At the Marketing Live event on July 10, Google introduced a number of innovations in the field of advertising. Among them – adaptive search ads, local campaigns, new goals for smart trading campaigns, as well as new opportunities for promotion on YouTube.

Adaptive search ads

This format allows you to create ads that are automatically composed of the specified elements, taking into account the surrounding content. The advertiser enters variations of headlines (up to 15) and descriptions (up to 4), and AdWords shows them in various combinations and selects the most effective ones. So advertising better matches the search queries of users, which increases the chances of attracting potential buyers.

The new format works on the basis of machine learning. According to Google, using ML to test different creative options allows you to get 15% more clicks.

Currently, responsive ads on the search network are in beta testing and are currently only available to a limited number of AdWords users. In the coming months, all advertisers will have access to them.

More information about this format can be found in Help .

Local campaigns

Local campaigns are a new type of campaign designed specifically to attract visitors to traditional stores.

To launch such a campaign, an advertiser needs only to provide an advertising creative and address of the outlet, and Google automatically automates ads on various resources to attract customers to the store.

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Local campaigns will be launched for all advertisers in the coming months.

New goals for smart trading campaigns

In May, Google launched a new type of trading campaign – with goal-based optimization. In the next few months, in addition to sales, advertisers will be able to use new goals – potential customers or website traffic.

Google also adds support for leading e-commerce platforms to simplify campaign management. In the coming weeks, advertisers will be able to set up smart trading campaigns also from Shopify, and not just from Google Ads.

New Bidding Strategy for YouTube

The new intelligent bidding strategy  Maximize lift will allow advertisers to reach those people who are most inclined to make a choice in favor of their company after watching the commercial.

The new strategy will also work on the basis of machine learning. When it is selected, the system will automatically adjust the rates in such a way as to maximize the effect of video advertising on brand perception throughout the user’s journey to purchase.

Maximize lift is currently in beta testing. Later this year, a new strategy will be launched for all advertisers.

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