How to create a free forum website online

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What is the forum?

In simple terms, a forum can get described as an online meeting point where like-minded persons can congregate and kick start a discussion and also promote their businesses. It’s possible to run and control a forum either as a part of a bigger website or you can as well create a website entirely dedicated to the forum. Online forums play a vital role in allowing virtual communities to come and assemble virtually and share their diverse knowledge. Forums are quite valuable in boosting website content and keeping your online visitors engaged. It’s one of the surest ways of enhancing user engagement with your brand and act as discussion board.

How to create a forum?

There are immense benefits that you will accrue by deciding to create or add a forum to your website. Some of the direct services ripped from having a forum is usually designing an online community that get highly organized, and that is enthusiastic about participating in boosting the growth of your website. With forums, you have an opportunity to provide your participant with extra information concerning your project users are interested in.

Setting up a forum is a very straightforward and straightforward process, but there are some steps you must follow. First, your forum will get decided by the size and type of purpose. It will also determine the kind of tools you will need.

Free Forum Builders

In the era we are living today, there are thousands of tools and services one can use to manage and start a forum service with much ease. Forum builders are free and come with some of the best features and supported by robust systems with capabilities to support the launch and sustain the traffic involved in a project like a forum.

Some of these forum builders come with a Do It Yourself tools to enable you to customize your website to your standards. With a simple integration app, it’s now straightforward to create a forum in a matter of seconds.

Free rating forum builders come with some of the advantages you cannot get anywhere else. The following are some of the benefits of using a forum builder to create and design your online forum website.

• WYSIWYG Editor: Most online forum maker come coupled with tools to enable you to edit and design your work based on your taste and preferences. It usually enhances user experience.

• Most of the work gets done for you, and widgets which are mostly free allow you with simple integration to create an online community. These widgets come with a lot of features ranging from commenting, subscription to integration.

• Incorporation of Artificial intelligence comes in handy in simplifying and making your building process flawless.


Content management systems or CMS as they come popularly known are mostly famous in creating content management systems. With simple integration, a CMS can be used to build and add a forum to your website with much ease. Most CMS comes with plugins that get designed with user experience in mind, and they reduce quite some time if you happen to go that route.

Just like free forum builders, CMS to comes with its advantages when used to create a forum website.

• Content management systems(CMS) software is open source and free for everyone. It as well goes to the plugins used in creating forums.

• It’s easier to set up a CMS and does not demand any programming skills to connect and install plugins. The whole process is quite intuitive and quick.

• Most CMS comes with an integrated central account where you have direct access on the management of your website.

All that is required of you when using a content management system as your software of choice in building a forum is keen to design customization skills.

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