The stable version of the Tor Browser for Android has been released.

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The Tor Project Company has released a stable version of the Tor Browser for Android. You can download the installation files from GooglePlay or from the page  on the official website.

The Tor browser works on the principle of so-called onion routing. This is a proxy server system that allows you to establish a connection protected from spying.

The main features of Tor Browser for Android:

  • Lock trackers;
  • Protection against identification;
  • Layered encryption;
  • Free access to sites blocked locally.

Tor for Android is based on Firefox 60, so its interface, tabs system, extension support, and all other features are very similar to the Mozilla browser. The main difference from the alpha version of the mobile browser launched in September 2018 is that the Orbot proxy client is now built directly into Tor – it does not need to be downloaded and launched separately.

Also, the developers officially noted that the mobile Tor browser is not in the App Store due to Apple’s limitations. They recommended that iOS users use Onion Browser , created byMike Tigas with the support of the Guardian Project.

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