FAS and Google agreed

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The Arbitration Court of the Moscow District approved the settlement agreement between the FAS and Google on the antitrust proceedings. The decision was made following the results of the cassation proceedings on April 17. According to RNS, referring to the statement of the Deputy Head of the FAS, Aleksey Dotsenko , the period of the settlement agreement is 6 years and 9 months. Google will pay a fine of 438 million rubles.

Larisa Vovkeevskaya , Deputy Head of the Legal Department of the FAS, explains:

“By mutual agreement, after the approval of the settlement agreement, Google will simultaneously pay all fines: and 438 million rubles. and a fine of 1 million rubles. FAS revokes the claim for the enforcement of the order, and Google will withdraw claims to appeal the FAS definitions. ”

Recall Google for two years trying to challenge the decision of the anti-monopoly agency, which recognized the US corporation guilty of abusing the dominant position in the market of mobile applications stores on the Android operating system, but all the courts have taken the side of FAS.

In 2016, FAS fined Google 438 million rubles and demanded the elimination of violations. This was followed by another fine of 1 million rubles for non-compliance with the prescription. Later, Igor Artemyev threatened the company’s management with criminal cases and the transfer of the case to the criminal law plane.


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