Google My business has updated the process of starting to work with the service.

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Google My business has introduced a new process for those companies that are just starting to work with the service.

Now users are first prompted to select targets (up to 6). After that, the service will form a personalized action plan based on this election.

Among the available targets are:

  • Help customers find my business
  • Share news with customers
  • Know how people find my business in Google
  • Availability of accurate information on Google
  • Answers to customers
  • Online business promotion

Points in the plan will be prioritized depending on the specified goals. Among the possible options for action are uploading photos, adding descriptions and company opening hours, viewing reports and others.

The extent to which this update is launched is currently unknown. Google has not yet made official statements on this topic.

Recall that in February, Google My business introduced a new procedure for submitting messages about spam and fraud.

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