Google Urged The Use Of The URL Settings Tool

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During the last hangout for webmasters, Google employee John Muller answered a question about using the URL Settings tool.

So, one of the webmasters asked whether Google takes into account these settings, or they are needed only for site owners.

In response, Muller assured that the settings made using this tool are indeed taken into account, but webmasters often make mistakes.

He said that search engineers sometimes even ask the Google Webmasters team to contact site owners to correct errors because their content is blocked due to incorrect settings.

For example, a webmaster can force Google to ignore a certain parameter, but it does not take into account that a large part of the site relies on this parameter. Therefore, this tool should be used only when the specialist is exactly sure what he is doing.

Earlier, Muller noted that before moving the URL Settings tool to the new version of the Search Console, Google can make changes to it. He also explained that this tool is not designed to remove pages from a search.

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