The law on autonomous runet prohibits the use of foreign databases by state-owned companies.

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The law on autonomous runet implies that government agencies will not be able to use foreign databases and equipment located abroad. This was noted in the RIPE NCC – one of five regional organizations that distribute IP addresses across the countries of the European region and the Middle East and technically support the work of the global Internet.

For example, Rostelecom may be banned. The company is the operator of the state Unified Identification System and Unified Biometric System – and because of this, it is subject to the document.

To support the work of the Russian Internet Rostelecom (as well as other operators) it refers to the foreign database RIPE DB, which “is the source of primary information about the distribution of network addresses and Internet routing rules for the whole world”.

“The RIPE DB database contains data on all possible routes of our region in the network. If the law remains unchanged, Rostelecom will lose the ability to legally receive information on these routes, ”said a representative of the RIPE NCC.

Chief Analyst of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) Karen Ghazaryan believes that the bill should have banned the placement of information state systems abroad and in the clouds of foreign companies. But now under the action of the document can get and third-party companies, for example, Russian Railways.

Recall, the law on autonomous RuNet was adopted by the State Duma and approved by the Federation Council, for the entry into force of the document must be signed by President Vladimir Putin .

The new law also provides for the massive introduction of a deep traffic filtering system (DPI), which can lead to delays in the work of services of large operators and Internet companies.

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