US Senator: Google should publicly state its position on China

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Senator from the US Republican Party, Josh Hawley (Josh Hawley) sent an open letter to Google head Sundaru Pichai (Sundar Pichai) with a request to explain to the public what the company is doing in China.

“According to reports, the work that Google is doing in China includes not only the development of artificial intelligence technology that can be used by the Chinese military and intelligence services to abuse American data, but also launch platforms that promote that value system and those behaviors which are fundamentally at variance with ours, ”the letter says.

Recall that in March during a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee, General Joseph Dunford (Joseph Dunford) said that Google’s current work in China “indirectly benefit the Chinese military.” Last Wednesday, Pichai met with Dunford and US President Donald Trump to clarify the company’s position. The parties were satisfied with the outcome of the meeting. According to Trump, in a conversation with him, Pichai assured that he was “committed to the American army.”

“I understand that today you met with General Dunford and the US President to solve these problems. Now go to meet the American people by publicly answering what work your company does in China, what benefits it can provide to the Chinese government and the military, and why you don’t want to cooperate and help the US military, ”the senator concluded.

It should be noted that Hawley positions himself as one of the most aggressive politicians in the regulation of large technology companies. In his role as Attorney General in Missouri, he opened an antitrust investigation against Google, which is still ongoing. He also worked on amendments to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, designed to strengthen security measures.

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