Zuckerberg sees its task for 2019 public discussions about the future of technology

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Each year, the founder and head of FacebookMark Zuckerberg sets himself personal and professional tasks for the next year. In 2019, he intends to hold a series of public discussions on the future of technology in society. He stated this on his page on the social network.

“My task for 2019 is to hold a series of public discussions about the future of technology in society — about opportunities, problems, hopes and worries. Every few weeks, I will communicate with leaders, experts and people in our community and will try different formats to make it interesting. ”

According to Zuckerberg, all these discussions will be publicly available. They can be found on its pages on Facebook, Instagram and other sites.

Among the questions that the head of Facebook wants to bring up for discussion are the following:

  • Do we want technology to enable more people to express their opinions, or will traditional “gatekeepers” control what ideas can be expressed;
  • Do we need to decentralize power through encryption and other means to transfer more power to people;
  • What role can the Internet play in strengthening the social structure in a world where many physical communities are weakening;
  • How we create the Internet that helps people come together to solve the biggest problems in the world;
  • How we maintain the pace of scientific and technological progress in various fields and others.

“It will be interesting intellectually, but this is also a problem for me personally. I am an engineer, and I just developed my ideas and hoped that they would speak for themselves. But given the importance of what we do, this is no longer enough. Therefore, I’m going to show myself more than I’m used to, and personally participate in some of these debates about the future, about the trade-offs we face, and where we want to go, ”Zuckerberg said.

The head of Facebook also said that in previous years, following his goals, he developed an AI for managing his own house, ran 365 miles, read 25 books, visited every US state and learned traditional Chinese.

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