8 Advantages Of A Webinar To A Live Conference

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Twenty years ago, anyone would say that a personal meeting is the most effective communication format. Today the situation has undergone dramatic changes. We began to work effectively on freelancing or to study remotely, there is no tight binding to a geographical point. And there appeared at least eight reasons why videoconferencing has become more efficient compared to live talks or presentations.

8 Advantages Of A Webinar To A Live Conference

1. Reduced costs

No one talks about the complete replacement of personal meetings. But many companies suffer from the high cost of their organization. For example, a business that is built on the active work of several dozen branches often loses control over travel and entertainment expenses.

Thanks to webinar platforms, online meetings with employees and potential customers are much cheaper. Even if the webinar is paid, it will still be many times more profitable than paying for a plane, a hotel, and other entertainment expenses.

You will be able to conduct surveys and receive a lot of valuable information with feedback. Then most of the participants of the web conference will appreciate the opportunity to save time and begin to actively interact with you.

2. Increasing Expert Level

This happens for each new conference. Over time, more and more participants will learn about your experience and professionalism. Thanks to a convenient format, you not only upgrade your expertise several times faster but also tell about your experience to more people, at the same time expanding them and your capabilities in the future.

Your level of expertise all the time will grow even in the case of organizing webinars without paying for participation. All webinars can and should be recorded on video in order to eventually use them as good content for developing your own business.

3. More sales – less work

A webinar is one of the ways to unobtrusively sell goods or services to potential buyers. During the event, you interact with several attendees at once, and there is no need to look at each of them or all together. After you feel that the audience is already quite loyal and warmed up, you should try to insert an unobtrusive call to action. More than half of the success of future sales through a webinar is a quality-created and developed content.

4. Save time

Individual meetings are often not only too expensive but also take an unreasonably large amount of time. Today, when most modern business processes go at the speed of light, it all looks at least impractical. Thanks to webinars, online meetings between participants, partners, customers, and employees come from anywhere in the world. Each guest remains in the usual, comfortable conditions and appreciates such a convenient opportunity to solve important business issues at a distance.

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5. Increase loyalty

Each participant of the webinar has the opportunity to ask a question in an anonymous manner or discuss the features of the general discussion in a separate chat. Such opportunities are rarely available in person and are greatly appreciated by all participants in online events.

6. Generate new leads

Apart from the fact that the web conference itself is attractive to potential customers and customers who often want to seek help from an expert speaker, there are other, slightly hidden marketing opportunities. For example, when registering for an event, participants often leave a phone number, email address, and sometimes other information. All this data is easy to use not only for analysis but also for subsequent interaction with future customers.

7. Less difficulty attracting a speaker

Since no one needs to go anywhere, spending a lot of money and time, even attracting a famous and more interesting speaker to the audience from the side is much easier. Periodically it is worth using such solutions in order to further pump out the level of expertise and raise the bar of audience trust not only for the webinar but for the entire company.

The invited popular speaker is another opportunity to significantly expand the target audience.

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8. Fast return on investment

Just imagine how much money you need to spend on organizing a full-fledged conference of several dozen or hundreds of employees, for example, because of a sharp drop in sales. Saving money through webinars frees up additional financial resources that can be used to accelerate the company’s financial flows in order to maximize profits.


If two corporations make a deal of the century, they will most likely need a personal meeting. With rare exceptions, in all other cases, webinars save transportation costs, help to pump out the expertise, sell more at minimal cost, expand the number of representatives of the target audience, increase their loyalty. In particular, and by attracting new, more popular speakers. Web conferencing also serves as a lead generation tool and increases business chances for an accelerated return on investment.

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