A serious vulnerability has been discovered in the WP Google Maps plugin.

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A serious vulnerability was discovered in the popular WordPress WP Google Maps plugin , allowing hackers to take control of the site. This is reported on the WPScan Vulnerability Database page .

At the moment, this vulnerability is already closed, and therefore, users of the plug-in are strongly recommended to update it to the latest version. Otherwise, the site may be attacked by injecting SQL code. Versions 7.11.00 – 7.11.17 are vulnerable to such attacks.

In the change log of the plugin, the latest update has a high priority:


WP Google Maps is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom Google Maps to any page of the site. To date, it is used by more than 400 thousand publishers and companies.

Recall that in December , a vulnerability was discovered in the All in One SEO Pack plugin. At the moment it is already eliminated .

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