Google will make it easier for European users of Android to change the browser and PS

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Google, in the framework of fulfilling the requirements of the European Commission, put forward last summer in a case of abuse of a dominant position in the mobile operating system market, plans to make changes in the company’s policy regarding Android devices in the next few months.

Google plans to introduce a new format, similar to what is being tested for Google Shopping, which includes direct links to shopping comparison sites, as well as specific product offers from sellers. 

According to Kent Walker (Kent Walker), vice president of world politics at Google, the company will do everything possible so that owners of Android phones are aware of the wide choice of browsers and search engines available for download to their devices.

“We always try to give people the best and fastest answers – either directly from Google or from a wide range of specialized websites and application providers that exist today.” 

Google will begin to notify all owners of Android devices about what other browsers and search engines they could install. In addition, the company plans to conduct special surveys among the owners of all existing and new devices on the Android platform.

Also today it became known that the European Commission has fined Google for € 1.49 billion for violating the rules of competition in the Google AdSense case.

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