Google began offering Android users in the EU to choose search and browser

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Google began to show European users of Android with an offer to install other search engines and browsers. This is reported in the company’s blog.

New alerts will appear when you first open Google Play after receiving an upcoming update.

There will be two total alerts: one for search applications, and the second for browsers. Each will contain a total of 5 applications, including those already installed.

While not installed applications will be selected on the basis of their popularity. They will be shown in random order.

Google assured that in the coming weeks this update will be received by all Android-smartphone users in the EU.

The launch of alerts is one of the steps taken in compliance with the requirements of the European Commission after a $ 5 billion fine received last summer. Google displays similar screens to European users of Google Shopping.

The fact that Google plans to launch alerts for Android users in the EU, it became known in March.

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