Head of Google Cloud Diane Green resigns

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In the coming weeks, the head of Google Cloud Diane Green (Diane Greene) will leave his post. She announced this on a platform blog.

After the departure of Green, the cloud division of Google will be headed by the former director of product for Oracle Corp. Thomas Kurian (Thomas Kurian).

Diane Green served as executive director of Google Cloud, but Kurian will become senior vice president of Google Cloud.

According to Green, when she came to Google three years ago, she planned to leave the company two years later, but was delayed a year longer. Now she will be engaged in investments and charity, but at the same time remains a member of the board of directors of the holding Alphabet holding Google.

Thomas Kurian, who spent 22 years at Oracle and was a trustee of the founder of the corporation Larry Ellison , left the company in September.

According to Green, Kurian was interviewed by Google’s head Sundar Pichai (Sundar Pichai) and Google’s senior vice president of technical infrastructure,  Urs Hölzle . He will start his new duties on November 26th.

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