How To Disable Email Notifications About WordPress Automatic Updates

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Would you like to turn off email notification about automatic WordPress update? By default, WordPress sends email notifications to inform you that security updates have been installed on your site. Recently, a reader asked if there was a way to disable these emailsIn today’s article, we will show you how easy it is to turn off email notification of WordPress automatic updates.

About Automatic WordPress Update

WordPress is open source software and is supported by the developer community. It is updated regularly to fix security issues, bugs and add new features.

wordpressupdates [1]

Therefore, you should always use the latest version of the VI to make sure your site is safe.

WordPress automatically installs minor updates as they become available. After updating the site sends you a notification email administrator.

The purpose of these messages is to inform you that your site is working on the current version.

If you have a lot of sites on the VP, then you will receive a similar kind of letter from each site, which may start to annoy you.

Let’s see how easy it is to turn off WordPress automatic update notifications.

Method 1: Disable Email Notifications About Automatic Updates Using The Plugin

This method is simple and does not require you to add code.

First of all, you need to install and activate the Disable WordPress Core Update Email plugin .

The plugin works out of the box and does not need to be configured.

Once activated, it simply disables update notifications.

Disable WordPress Core Update Email

Method 2: Disable Automatic Update Notifications Using Code

This method involves adding code to your site files.

You will need to add code to your theme’s functions.php file or to a WordPress plugin :

1 add_filter( 'auto_core_update_send_email''wpb_stop_auto_update_emails', 10, 4 );
3 function wpb_stop_update_emails( $send$type$core_update$result ) {
4 if ( ! empty$type ) && $type == 'success' ) {
5 return false;
6 }
7 return true;
8 }

This code simply adds a filter to disable email notifications after an automatic kernel update.

Manage Notifications And Updates In WordPress

By default, WordPress does not allow you to automatically install updates. Many site owners are too lazy to update plugins and themes, especially if they manage a lot of WordPress resources.

manageupdates [1]

Fortunately, there are plugins that allow you to do this more efficiently, and we have already told about them on our website.

Similarly, in WordPress, by default there is no unified interface for managing email notifications. He may not even send the letter, and you will not notice it.

There are plugins that allow you to manage and control letters sent by WordPress. You can even modify some of them.

That’s all, we hope that this article has helped you learn how to disable email notifications about WordPress automatic updates.

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