Voice search became less popular in 2019 – research

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In 2019, voice search became less popular among users. This is evidenced by the results of the next annual study of Stone Temple.

1000 people took part in the survey. Respondents were asked to rank the proposed search tools.

Final rating:

As we can see, this year voice search takes only the fourth position in the rating. For comparison, in 2018 he was in third place.

At the same time, in 2019 more respondents indicated a voice search as a tool of first choice – 25% versus 15% in 2018. However, taking into account all the results, he could not rise above the 4th line.

As for voice commands, only 20% of respondents use them for searching.

Most people use voice commands to call, type a message, get directions, listen to music, or set reminders.

Survey results also showed that women use voice more often for searching than men.

With all the results of the study Stone Temple can be found at the link .

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