Accenture: marketing is undergoing a profound transformation.

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Accenture, an international consulting company, shared the survey results, which was attended by 1,000 CEOs and directors of marketing in different countries.

90% of respondents surveyed believe that marketing is undergoing a profound transformation, based on customer orientation and customer expectations, or “hyper-relevance.”

According to  Pavel Rodygin , Head of Interactive at Accenture Digital Russia, hyper relevance is not so much a characteristic of marketing, but of the entire customer service.

“The main objective of such a service is to study the client (who he is, what he does, what interests him, what he usually does in such a context) and search for the most simple and convenient ways to serve him. There are very few such examples of hyper-relevant services in Russia, with the possible exception of the taxi service and some advanced banks. But I am sure that the situation will change in the next 5 years, ”the expert noted.

According to him, in a hyper-relevant service, the marketer must have a good understanding of the client’s path and be able to build interaction with him as a whole, from buying traffic to the first conversion and further service.

The study also showed that the size of marketing budgets no longer play a significant role in the competition of companies: according to Accenture, the budgets of the most successful marketers do not exceed the average market figures. At the same time, of all the surveyed marketing directors, only 17% consider themselves to be market leaders and are satisfied with the results of their interaction with customers.

However, the difference exists in the redistribution of these funds: in effective marketing, a significant portion of the money is spent on innovation and customer experience (27% and 29% of the budget, respectively). Also, market leading marketers are more likely to use digital advertising, implement e-commerce projects, find ways to monetize customer data, and build new partner ecosystems.

According to Accenture, in the next 3 years there will be a need for new specialists in the marketing market. These include immersive designers (connecting virtual experience with the real world), futurologists, trend setters and storytellers, experts on hyper-relevant customer experience, and specialists in client data security (Trust Leaders).

Another fast-growing specialization in marketing will be working with artificial intelligence. Such specialists will be in demand as:

  • Psychologists specializing in the study of consumers. They will ensure that robots, voice assistants and virtual characters are as similar to humans as possible in terms of behavior and speech.
  • Curated chat bots and AI. They will be responsible for ensuring that artificial intelligence acts within the framework of the ethical standards of the brand and does not harm the company’s reputation.

In the future, according to Accenture, only innovative marketers will survive. As for the current realities, in order to successfully interact with a client, a modern marketer must be well versed in digital marketing, building digital business and models of its monetization, know CRM processes and understand Data Science.

Recall that internet marketers led the top most sought-after professions in both Russian capitals in 2018.

And according to Google, the use of machine learning technology and digital marketing allows you to quickly increase business efficiency and marketing maturity of companies.

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