Google announced the update of the basic algorithm

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This week, Google released the next update of its main algorithm. This was announced by a search representative Danny Sullivan (Danny Sullivan) on Twitter.

Search Liaison

The launch of the update was launched on March 12th .

As for the recommendations for webmasters, they remain the same:

“We have no other advice for those pages whose effectiveness has dropped, except to keep the focus on creating great content. Over time, your content may grow relative to other pages. ”

Thus, if the position of the site has recently changed, this may be due to updating the main algorithm, and not innovations in the work of the resource.

Recall that Google updates the basic algorithm several times a year . The last update of this kind was launched in August 2018. Foreign webmasters called it the “Medic Update” because, according to preliminary data, the update affected mainly resources from the category “Health”.


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