Indexing reports in the Search Console have not been updated for 16 days.

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It’s been 16 days since Google last updated its indexing reports in the Search Console.

On April 15, the company announced that the de-indexing bug, recently fixed in the main search, also caused a crash in the Search Console. In this regard, the update of the reports was suspended, but the problem has not yet been resolved.

Usually, Google eliminates such failures faster – within a few days – and two weeks have already passed. The questions, when these problems will finally be corrected, are mostly not answered in the company. The other day on Twitter again swept a wave of complaints from webmasters.

Last week, Google employee John Muller gave the following comment:

“I dont know. At the moment I am afraid to make any predictions. I hope that this issue will be resolved fairly quickly, but sometimes these things take much longer than we expected. ”

At the same time, he added that the company takes this problem seriously and will be sure to inform when the deadlines for solving it become clear.

“I wouldn’t talk about watches, but I think weeks can be too long too. I guess it’s about days. It is more difficult to say. ”

The bug that caused the de-indexing of pages in the main search and affected the reports in the Search Console was fixed 12 days ago. At the same time, reports are still not updated, and the latest data refer to April 7-8.

Google Search Console Coverage Report Delay

Recall that while there are some problems with Search Console, it is recommended to use the site: search operator instead of the URL verification tool .

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