Mailchimp launches a full-fledged marketing platform.

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Mailchimp’s email newsletter has announced the launch of a full-featured small and medium business marketing platform .

Among the new features – a section for managing sites, functionality for posting in social networks, smart recommendations and other innovations. Remarketing on Google will also continue to be available on the platform, and in the future it will be possible to retarget via ads on Facebook and Instagram.

The company assured that existing customers will be able to stay on their tariff plan for as long as they need – until they decide to switch to another plan.

Mailchimp also developed the Essential Plan, designed for those customers who use the service primarily for email marketing. At the same time, the company hopes that over time, all customers will be able to discover the benefits of a full-featured marketing platform.

Mailchimp serves mainly small companies. According to the company, about 90% of its customers have less than 100 employees.

It is assumed that for SMB full-fledged marketing platform will be the perfect solution. However, most of them already use several systems that will need to be integrated with Mailchimp, and this is fraught with additional costs. Thus, the ultimate benefit of switching to a new platform may vary.

Recall that in 2017, Mailchimp received a new mobile interface.

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