Yandex began selling advertising on digital screens in the Verny stores.

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Yandex, in conjunction with the First Advertising Discounter indoor advertising operator, launches advertising on digital screens in the Verny retail chain stores in Moscow and the Moscow Region. Today, advertisers can advertise on 400 such surfaces.

Advertisers can now automatically buy ad impressions for the target audience at the time of its presence on the trading floor, just as it does online. Vertical screens are installed in the sales areas of the Verny chain stores and in the checkout areas at eye level of customers.

On all indoor surfaces, advertisements are shown by socio-demographic targeting – the cameras built into the screens recognize the chosen audience by gender and age. The system selects an ad suitable for a specific visitor, purchases it at an online auction and immediately transmits the content on a digital panel. In this case, the algorithm does not identify customers̆ and does not use personal information.

Thus, an advertiser can target an advertising campaign to his audience and pay only for targeted impressions. So, if the advertising campaign is aimed at women, and there are two women and one man in the queue, the advertiser will pay only for two shows and will not waste the budget.

On average, about 12 million people visit the 200 shops of the Vernyy chain in Moscow and the region every month.

The product is available to connect to Yandex. Display. To test indoor advertising, you need to contact your manager or write to  the customer service department . In the near future, advertising on digital panels in the premises will be available through Direct.

Recall, Yandex, together with the developer of advertising solutions Addreality, began sellingindoor advertising in the ASHA pharmacy chain in the summer of 2018. It was the first in Russia experience of programmatic sales of indoor advertising.

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