Paid search remains the leading channel for digital advertising in 2019

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In 2019, advertisers still spend most of their budgets on search advertising. This is evidenced by the data of the new Marine Software report.

The report is based on a survey of 450 marketing professionals (B2B and B2C) in the US and the UK.

According to the data received, search advertising accounts for 39% of advertiser costs. However, although paid search remains the dominant advertising channel, companies also increased their spending on other channels compared to last year.

So, the second-largest channel is advertising on social networks. It accounts for 18% of advertiser costs. Then comes the media advertising (16%).

The report also notes an increase in spending on Instagram – moreover, this is due to an increase in budgets for this channel, and not a reduction in spending on other social networks.

60% of respondents also plan to increase their spending on Amazon over the course of the year. 55% of marketers surveyed said they began to use advertising on Amazon because they see this as significant growth opportunities. The main goal is to increase sales.

Other conclusions of the report:

  • The most trusted advertiser is Google. 98% of respondents gave him a score of 4 and 5 (on a 5-point scale) in the trust index.
  • 84% of respondents working with search advertising also use or plan to use adaptive search ads submitted by Google last year.
  • 65% of companies expand the use of images with the possibility of buying in search.
  • 32% of respondents believe that the most effective advertising format for social networks is video. This is followed by image ads (26%), Instagram Stories (23%) and carousel ads (19%).
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