AdWords Launches Responsive Search Ad Beta

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Google AdWords has begun testing responsive search ads. This format allows you to create ads that are automatically composed of the specified elements, taking into account the surrounding content. The beta version is not yet available to all advertisers.


Google Ad Words Responsive Search Ads Beta

Advantages of the new format:

  • It allows you to show ads, the width of which is determined automatically depending on the size of the screen.
  • It takes less time to create ads: the advertiser only introduces options for headlines and advertising text, and AdWords automatically determines their most effective combinations.
  • As a result, advertising is more often involved in auctions, which allows you to get more impressions and attract more potential customers.
  • The increase in the number of clicks and conversions increases the effectiveness of the ad group.

There are two differences between rich text ads and responsive ads:

  • The volume of advertising text.  Responsive search ads may have not two, but three headings and 1-2 description lines of up to 90 characters each.


Google Ad words Responsive Search Ads


  • Flexibility. For one responsive ad in the search network, you can enter 15 headlines and 4 variants of advertising text. AdWords will automatically combine them based on the user’s search query.

Currently, responsive ads on the search network are only available in English. In the future, AdWords promises to implement support for other languages.

More information about the new format is available in the Service Help.

Recall that last week Google AdWords introduced a new type of trading campaign – with goal-based optimization.

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