Google AdWords Introduced a New Type Trading Campaigns.

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The Google AdWords team has announced the launch of a new type of trading campaign – goal-optimized. Innovation will be available to all advertisers in the coming weeks.

New Shopping Campaign Type

A new type of campaign works based on machine learning and is automatically optimized for a given goal – whether it’s revenue or ROAS.

This campaign subtype combines standard trading campaigns and remarketing campaigns, allowing you to expand your reach. Ads will appear on Google search, the search network, the display network, YouTube and Gmail.

Cross Network

While standard campaigns will continue to provide more manual management options, a new type of campaign will offer a fully automated solution to attract customers and sales.

By optimizing for this goal, the AdWords system will evaluate all available signals and use machine learning to predict the likelihood of a query conversion. To improve ad performance, Google will automate placements and bidding to increase the value of conversions within a given budget.

To start such a campaign, you need to link the Merchant Center account, set a budget, download the feed and specify the country you want. At the same time, the site should be configured to track conversions, and the account recorded at least 20 conversions for trading campaigns in the last 45 days. You also need to set up geo-targeting and create a remarketing list with at least 100 users.

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